Astro Match

About Astro match

Marriage is a social contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically and emotionally.
It's success and failure depends on the couple's ability to work together as a team.

In order to make one's marriage successful and also last for lifetime. Astro Matching OR matching of Horoscopes of Bride and Groom is a very Scientific method. One can predict the Quality of of the couple together in terms of:

     Love and Mutual Attaraction, Freindship amongst them,

     Commitment in marriage, length of togetherness OR Longivity of their married life,

     Financial Status and Stability of the couple

     Health, Conjugal Bliss and Progeny


(Refer to Compatibility Section)

A good matching ensures all of it or at least one is aware of the shortcomings and can perform the remedies for the same.

Data required for the Matching of Horoscopes

In order to generate Compatibility Report, both Bride and Groom should submit their respective data in terms of their

     Date of Birth: dd/mm/yyyy
     Time of Birth: hh:mm  (Exact)
     Place of Birth:   City of Birth, State, Country

The Compatibility Report

THE COMPATIBILITY REPORT generated with respect to Bride and groom's details projects the Quality of Life of the couple in terms of Manglik Dosha and Analysis of the Points (Gunas) obtained in Matching. Remedies to be performed can also be suggested if there are any Doshas in Matching.

The Expert's views on the Quality of Matching and Suggestions concludes the Report.

View Sample Report on wishes you a sucessful married life with a Compatible Star Mate!




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